“I’m Getting a Bit Choked Up”- UK’s First Amputee Golfer Gives a Tearful Tribute to His Father at the 2023 US Adaptive Open

In the realm of golf, where precision and skill reign immensely, often stories emerge that transcend the sport. One such tale unveils as Mike Browne, the UK’s first amputee golfer, looks close to working miracles at the ongoing US Adaptive Open.

As he stands just three shots behind with a single round remaining, Browne’s journey turns into an extraordinary tapestry. It is interwoven with personal loss, unfaltering determination, and a heartfelt tribute to his late father. Let’s find out more.

Mike Browne’s journey of struggles and tribute to his father

UK’s first amputee golfer and a former soldier, Mike Browne holds the world record for the longest golf drive of 564 yards. The 45-year-old golfer, who lost his left leg below the knee in an Army training accident, is determined to win the US Adaptive Open title.

Coincidentally, this tournament is being held at the same time as the passing of his dear father last year. This is a poignant reminder of his dad’s significant influence on his golf journey. At a press conference, the emotional golfer quivered and spoke of his father’s demise last year. He added that he was trying hard to win the tournament just for his father, no one else.


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