Following the Footsteps of Her Role Model Tiger Woods, Nelly Korda Enjoys a Unique Experience With $35.61B Giants

Coming from a sporting background, LPGA Tour superstar Nelly Korda, has a fond recollection of playing video games in her childhood. She had the adorable company of her older sister, Jessica, and her younger brother, tennis professional Sebastian Korda.

But her days of virtual reality could soon turn into reality. With the arrival of golf’s grandest video game, the EA Sports PGA TOUR 2K23, Korda was seen recording her segment. Her experience was overwhelming, especially considering the reminiscent story she shared ahead of the US Women’s Open.

Nelly Korda gives her best impressions for the PGA Tour 2K23

The latest iteration of the $35-billion dollar industry, the PGA Tour 2K23, is well-equipped with real-life players and golf courses from around the world. Thus, plenty of golfers have registered their visuals through technology, be it their face scans, or their golf swing.

Nelly Korda is no exception. The eight-time LPGA Tour winner is one of the fan favorites in the women’s circuit. Her experience of recording in the studio was captured by the PGA Tour social media team, which curated an adorable video of the golfer shooting for her visuals. Here’s the brief clip.


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