“Very Pretty”- Serena Williams Praises Public Figure Dawning Her S-Brand Collectives

Serena Williams has a pretty busy life out of the tennis court. The Queen of tennis has attended many events including, the promotion of her film, and her fashion brand. Recently, she shared a photo of her Pubic figure, Dr. Wendy Osefo, wearing one of her S-Brand collectives on her Insta Story.


Serena shared the picture of Dr. Wendy with her partner Edward Osefo. The lovely couple was in matching colors as they posed for the photo. Serena took no time sharing the pretty picture.



Serena Williams fashion brand making a huge name
Serena is very active on social media, with her photos with family or news about her different ventures. She already shared the launching of a new collection AVA from her S-Brand fashion studio. The collection received a huge response, but this is the first time Serene has shared any celebrity dawning in the S-Brand collection dress.




S-Brand by Serena was founded in 2014 and had a series of clothing styling to suit all sizes. Serena Williams is personally involved in the designs and gives the royal look to the dresses.




Her new collection including AVA had Classy, Cool, and sexy looks. A one-shoulder stunner dress with a flattering back exposure detail gives a classy touch to the apparel. Fabric is a plush, soft fabric for ultimate comfort. A suggestion of the use of a mini-length dress with heels, boots, or sneakers gives casual look to a high-end fashionable dress.


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