Paige Spiranac’s stunning earnings revealed from Masters towel that channelled no bra club and ‘gave fans heart attack’

PAIGE SPIRANAC earned a whopping SIX FIGURES for her now-famous Masters’ towel post.

The former professional golfer turned social media sensation nearly broke Instagram in 2021 with a saucy snap of herself donning a replica of the world-famous green jacket.

Spiranac, 30, was braless as she sported a green mini-skirt which accentuated her taut and athletic figure.

The post – which went viral – received a whopping 338,000 likes and had close to 11,000 comments.

As well as growing her social media following, the sexy snap earned the blonde bombshell a pretty penny.

In an interview with Golf Digest, Spiranac revealed she pocketed over £80,000 for the sexy Masters post.

Spiranac opted to use a comment criticising her sexy pictures for her accompanying caption, writing: “No one will ever take you seriously if you keep posting pictures with cleavage.”

But she added: “So here’s to continuing doing what I want.

“I made some towels with this image . . . to buy or for the haters to dry their tears with.”

The unexpected rewards of the post – which came in the form of a swathe of new followers and sponsors galore – gave Spiranac the confidence to continue sharing risque photos on the platform.

But her pulse-raising social media content still irks many golf purists, although she insists there’s nothing wrong with it.

The American defiantly said: “What I produce is not that provocative.

“If my body makes someone uncomfortable, that’s not my problem. I’m not doing anything illegal. I’m not causing harm.

“Maybe it is because I come off as every guy’s fantasy—a girl that loves golf and wears a bikini—but I see myself as a girl’s girl.

“I’m coming from an authentic place.”

When pressed on her one-year stint on the pro circuit, Spiranac recalled: “From the start, it was a massive controversy I was there.

“There were pros, legends of the game, discussing if I belonged.

“People were taking bets about whether I would come in last. I’m this kid who has no experience, no media training.

“I completely bombed, publicly cried about it. It was a s*** show.”


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