‘We were the criminals’: $800,000 woes trigger liv golfer to launch scathing attack after $3 Billion Merger

The PGA Tour and LIV Golf have been at opposite ends of the pole for a long time. However, with the latest merger talks that included the DP World Tour, what should have been a peace treaty has instigated a lot more hostility from golfers than before.

Players are confused by the sudden change of heart of the leaders of the PGA Tour and DP World Tour. After being incessantly penalized for partaking in LIV Golf, many golfers including Richard Bland find it preposterous and have finally taken a stand against the American circuit.

Richard Bland voices his concerns about the hypocrisy of the merger

The English golfer who entered the world of Pro golf with the European tour in 1998 and received his PGA Tour card in 2002 has faced a lot of controversial situations over the course of his golfing career. Back in 2022, when LIV Golf started their tournaments and championships, Bland was fined for partaking in Saudi’s PIF-backed events.

“When I first got my card in 2002, if someone said to me 21 years later, you will resign from the tour and be fined nearly $800,000, I would’ve said you’re barking mad” the Englishman admitted to National Club Golfer. He never imagined receiving a total of $800,000 in fines ever since 2022. “The announcement that came along a couple of weeks ago – it was a bit left field. I wasn’t expecting it. Things might just settle down, but they seem to have nailed us to the cross again.” He further elaborated, “We were the criminals on a hostile tour, and now, the powers that be have done a deal with the same people that fund that tour.”


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