Roger Federer expresses himself on the GOAT issue: the weight of his words

The GOAT issue, the fight between the Big Three Novak Djokovic, Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer, continues. If you look at the Grand Slam titles, the Serbian tennis player has surpassed both the Swiss and the Spanish: with the victory at the last edition of the Roland Garros, he guaranteed overtaking on the Iberian.

23 against 22, with the Basel tennis player still at 20. Even Roger Federer himself has expressed himself on this topic. Present in Halle for the tournament’s 30th anniversary ceremony, he gave an interview to Tagesanzeiger, saying about him: with the success in Paris, is Djokovic the greatest in history? “Is Novak Djokovic the best in history? I do not know.

Better to win Wimbledon at 17 like Becker or Paris at 36 like Novak? I do not know. What he has achieved is absolutely gigantic. That might be enough. But I think that as long as Rafa is still playing you can’t answer with certainty,” said the former tennis player and former world number one, who in recent days congratulated his rival for his triumph on Parisian red clay.

The weight of the words released by Federer is a boulder of truth. Who better than him can and has the right to express themselves on this issue? Roger was the first of three champions to break the biggest records. Without him there would be no Big 3, so it is obvious that his words exude wisdom and honesty.

Roger Federer and the love for tennis
In the interview, Roger Federer also talked about his relationship with tennis today, after his retirement in September last year in the Laver Cup. If he still plays it, the answer is categorical.

“Only with children. I’ve never booked a camp with friends and said: Come on, let’s go train now. But I’m often on the rink with the kids. I like playing with them,” explained the eight-time Wimbledon champion. However, this does not mean that he does not follow tennis: on the contrary, the interest in what happens on the circuit and what his now former colleagues do is still present: “What surprises me is how interested I am in the results.

I don’t watch many matches, but the best moments interest me enormously. I check the winners three or four times a day. I’m glad tennis continues to interest me so much.”


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