Despite 5 Years of Marriage and Realizing Multi-Million Dollars Worth of Sporting Goals Later, Serena Williams’ Husband Alexis Ohanian Makes Astounding Tennis Confession

If time demands it, Alexis Ohanian will build a tennis court at their residence for his queen. Just like he once built an official US Open surface at their Florida residence in 2022. However, whether Serena Williams‘ husband has been a tennis fan, it would be a slight overstatement. In fact, their 5-year-old has taken after her father as Serena announced Olympia is not all that keen about tennis either.


Ohanian recently made a startling revelation about him trying his wife’s intense sport. Having seen Ohanian’s vehement support of his tennis legend wife over the last five years, this will come as a surprise to the Reddit cofounder’s fans.



For the past few days, the Reddit co-founder has been in the headlines for his recent investment in golf. And with that investment, he also shared that he is playing golf with his wife, both to learn more about the sport and as a shared hobby. Recently, a fan on Twitter questioned the 40-year-old American entrepreneur, regarding whether he had started playing tennis after meeting the 23-time Grand Slam champion. To the surprise of many of his fans, he replied, “Nope. I’ve never played in my life.”



Even after supporting his wife from the stands and being together for 8 years, Ohanian has never played tennis. But the co-founder of Reddit is an avid sports fan; in fact, he has invested in soccer and actively plays golf. Although he might not be into playing tennis, he has shown his interest in playing golf. He has hit the golf course with his wife and his five-year-old daughter on numerous occasions.


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