‘Should Watch More Women’s Golf’: Nelly Korda Makes Honest Admission After Adulation on Swing From Men’s Tour Players

Nelly Korda is one of the most flamboyant golfers in women’s sports. Indeed, her style of play and excellence on the field has garnered quite a few followers in her young career. Additionally, there were whispers of praise about her recent displays from the players on the PGA Tour. Korda has now responded to the admiration, asserting that the men’s game should watch more of women’s golf to “come away equally impressed.”



Nelly Korda and her reaction to PGA Tour players’ admiration
Fresh from participating in December’s QBE and PNC Championship, Korda was in for a surprise as the men’s tour sang her praises. The 24-year-old’s swing left many on the PGA Tour impressed, which reached the ears of Korda.



Responding to the adulation she received, Korda suggested the need to watch more women’s golf. “They should watch more women’s golf. I think if they watched a lot of players out here, they would come away equally impressed,” she said.



In the off-season, Korda played at the QBE Shootout, a team golf event that is played at the Tiburon Golf Club in Florida. It is an unofficial money event, similar to the PNC Championship, where pro players tee up alongside their family members in a two-day event. Korda finished tied for fifth place in both the QBE Shootout and the PNC Championship in December last year.


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