After $3,000,000,000 Betrayal to Tiger Woods, Will Son Charlie Woods Still Play on the PGA Tour in Future?

The PGA Tour’s decision to merge with its arch-rivals in a monumental $3 billion agreement has left many displeased. Among them is the face of the PGA Tour itself, golf legend Tiger Woods.

Alongside a certain Rory McIlroy, the duo used their platforms to wage a war of words against the LIV Golf Series. But after months of blasting the breakaway league, the PGA Tour backstabbed its loyalists with a hurried coalescence. Woods would certainly be unhappy with the settlement, but could the animosity extend to his son and promising talent, Charlie Woods?

Why does Tiger Woods feel vindictive against the PGA Tour?

The golf legend hasn’t been in the best of conditions in the last few years on the tour. However, that hasn’t stopped him from rallying his troops against the LIV Golf Series, at the behest of his home tour.

However, while Woods commanded his men in the long battle, the PGA Tour made the unanticipated decision to merge with the LIV Golf Series. For players who have been coaxed against the Saudi influence, the agreement came across as an abrupt blow.

Woods would undoubtedly be miserable with the overall situation. The fifteen-time major championship winner was allegedly offered a contract worth $800 Million, a figure which was admitted by LIV Golf CEO Greg Norman himself.


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