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‘I’m a tennis girl – people say I shouldn’t wear tight outfits, but I don’t care’

A tennis enthusiast has hit back at suggestions her outfit is “too tight” for the court.

TikTok star Evie, who regularly uploads video centred around her sporting passion to her 25k followers, has received backlash for her unconventional choice of clothing when competing. But she’s not backing down on her stance.

A recent post by the 18-year-old showed her sporting a pair of grey leggings and a white long-sleeved crop top, which she was wearing over the top of a grey turtle neck.

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It had the caption “a tennis girl can’t wear a tight dress like that” sarcastically written on it as a clap back at the critics who have targeted her.

The Women’s Tennis Association (WTA) “modernised” their dress code in 2019, allowing leggings and mid-thigh length compression shorts to be worn without a skirt or dress.

CEO Steve Simon said at that time: “We wanted to be progressive and make sure that we were current with where fashion is going and competitive-wear may be going.

“We also wanted to give our players the chance to be who they want to be and wear what they want, what they feel comfortable competing in.”

Evie, based in Houston, Texas, certainly isn’t afraid to push the boundaries with her tennis uploads. In one clip she splashes around in a hot tub, writing: “Reason #69 to date a tennis girl. We know how to handle balls.”

She also has an OnlyFans page with a description that sets out her stall from the off. It reads: “Feet pics only…”


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