Breaking News: Jordan Spieth to invest in, advise and become a strategic partner of Dallas-based Invited

Dallas native and three-time major champion Jordan Spieth is partnering with Dallas-based Invited, arguably America’s foremost golf and country club owner.

That symmetry alone makes Thursday’s announcement so logical: Spieth will become an Invited investor, strategic adviser and brand ambassador.

An even more compelling link, though, is that Spieth grew up playing at Brookhaven Country Club, which in 1957 because the first club established by Robert Dedman, founder of ClubCorp, which in April of this year was rebranded as Invited.

“It’s a match made in heaven,” said David Pillsbury, CEO of Invited, a lifestyle hospitality company that owns and operates 161 golf and country clubs, including 205 golf courses and more than 1,000 tennis and pickleball courts.

Moreover, Pillsbury says Invited’s “circle of purpose” closely aligns with the Spieth Family Foundation’s four philanthropic “pillars”: junior golf, military families and veterans, pediatric cancer and individuals with special needs.

“What Jordan brings is this deep level of authenticity,” Pillsbury said. “What we do is very, real and it comes to life every day in every one of our clubs and communities. Jordan is the same way. He’s so incredibly authentic and energized about the impact he can make with his platform.”

Along with investing the company, Spieth, 29, will promote Invited’s facilities and company mission on social media and tape a welcome video for new members, among other ambassador roles. Invited and the Spieth Foundation also will partner in charitable and community efforts.

“I was introduced to the game and grew up playing at Invited’s first club — Brookhaven,” Spieth said. “I’ve witnessed first-hand how Invited clubs unite people and build relationships that reach beyond the fairways and courts.

“I’m excited to work with the team at Invited to help grow the company and leverage their unmatched platform to create an even greater impact in communities,” he said. “The partnership makes great sense as golf expands and reaches new audiences.”


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