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People always ask me if my boobs are real… I’ll finally put you out of your misery says Paige Spiranac

PAIGE SPIRANAC revealed a host of personal secrets as she conducted a revealing Q&A with her 3.3million Instagram followers.

The former golf pro and influencer, 28, took time to answer numerous questions from her loyal online fan base.


Paige Spiranac opened up in a revealing Instagram Q&APhoto credit: Instagram @_paige.renee

Spiranac now boasts an online army of fans totaling 3.3 millionPhoto credit: Instagram @_paige.renee
They ranged from “Why am I shit at golf?” to ‘Have you finally married?’ as Paige revealed everything to her curious supporters.

Spiranac is divorced and was married to trainer Steven Tinoco, with the couple tying the knot in 2018.

She commented: “Oh yes I got married. Thanks for asking.

“And then divorced. [So] chalk this life experience up!”

While she also revealed who is the most interesting golf pro she’s met – and the answer is a player many probably weren’t expecting.

Spiranac revealed: “I’ve been so fortunate to play with a lot of great professional golfers.

“But my favourite, and I’ve played with him recently, was Darren Clarke.

“He is an absolute legend. He was funny, charismatic and personable.

“He also had the best stories.”

The questions then took on a slightly more intimate tone, with fans asking about Paige’s net worth — and if they’re all natural.

A brazen follower asked: “Are they real? Either way they are great.”

Laughing, Paige replied, “My most asked question!

“I’m usually very cheeky about that and won’t answer directly.

“But I will today. Yes, they are real.”

Paige recently wowed golf fans by unveiling a dramatic new look ahead of the USGPA championship.

And she expressed her sadness as she watched the great Tiger Woods weave his way around the course in Tulsa.

Paige also revealed that she was convinced Santa was real until the age of 15 – until a revealing family dinner spoiled everything.


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