‘I Packed My Bags’: Despite Their Ongoing Tussle, Jordan Spieth Credits a LIV Defector For Altering His Career Path

In a captivating interview on The Smylie Show podcast, Jordan Spieth, the renowned golf sensation, joined Smylie Kaufman to reflect on his journey to golf stardom, the invaluable lessons learned from Presidents and Ryder Cup teams, and the transformative evolution of his swing.

However, one significant revelation stood out from the rest of the topics discussed: the pivotal role played by a formidable opponent in altering Spieth’s career trajectory!

A formidable opponent played an essential role in forwarding the career of Jordan Spieth

When asked about the factors that led him to turn professional, Spieth revealed a surprising turn of events. Initially planning to make the leap after the U.S. Amateur that summer, Spieth’s ambitions were thwarted by a formidable adversary, Thomas Pieters, who eliminated him in the first round.

He said in the podcast, “I actually was planning on turning professional after the US amateur that summer. And I got knocked out by Thomas Pieters in the first round.”

Realizing the importance of staying competitive and seeking opportunities to hone his skills, Spieth made a bold and unexpected decision. Three days before school was set to commence, he approached his former coach at Texas, presenting a proposition that could potentially alter the course of his future. Spieth recalled the pivotal conversation, where he sought permission to return to college for the semester. While ensuring he could participate in four top college events and maintain a competitive edge.

Spieth expressed on the podcast, “But I knew if I was at Texas, I would play in four top college events. So I called coach I said, Hey, is there any way I can come back for the semester?”

Spieth’s journey back to college for a competitive edge
The coach’s response exceeded Spieth’s expectations. With the necessary academic arrangements in place and his scholarship secured, Spieth wasted no time. Packing his bags and leaving behind his parents’ couch, he embarked on a journey to Austin, Texas. Where he secured an apartment and resumed his studies, all with the ultimate goal of preparing for Q school.


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