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Keegan Bradley angry at USGA and their ‘bizarre’ decisions

There is a great deal of anger on the part of Keegan Bradley towards the USGA and what they are doing to the golf scene at the moment. From anchored putters to the proposed rollback of golf balls, there are a number of things to consider.

It appears that Bradley does not understand what the USGA is doing, and has a bad relationship with the USGA because of this. “Yeah, I have a really strange relationship with the USGA from the belly putter,” -he said, as quoted by Bradley believes that the USGA doesn’t think too much when it makes decisions, and that the players are the ones who deal with the consequences of these decisions the most.

It must be noted, however, that the USGA has its own reasons for making decisions, and they do not want to listen to golfers’ views or hear their opinions. “I just feel like the USGA admits to making mistakes and then they punish the players for it.

I don’t feel like it’s our fault that they think that the ball went too far or that they should have banned the belly putter. They retroactively, decades later, try to adjust and then they just throw it on us. Which is, we do this as a living.

This is how we make our living.”

Rollback plans
The rollback of golf balls is something that this great golfer does not understand. According to him, there will be consequences in other fields as a result of this. “I don’t think that’s necessarily fair that we pay for their mistakes.

And I don’t — I think it’s fine. I mean, what are you going to do if you roll the ball back on this course? You got to build all new tees. It’s 7,800 yards long. Yeah, the tee on 17 [at Muirfield Village GC] goes up against the fence.

So if you have, you have to have it four or five up. So I just, I think the USGA makes a lot of mistakes and I don’t feel as though us, the players, should have to pay for it. I mean, I don’t think that that’s right.”


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