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Golfer Lexi Thompson Reveals How She’s Prepping for the Ladies Masters

At age twelve, Lexi Thompson was the youngest golfer ever to play in the U.S. Women’s Open. At age fifteen, she turned pro.

At sixteen, she set a record as the youngest-ever winner of an LPGA tournament. It’s hard to believe that the now seventeen-year-old professional athlete’s accomplished this much this early in her career (especially because unlike a sport such as gymnastics, golf isn’t dominated by youngsters).

Next up for Lexi is the Omega Dubai Ladies Masters, which is part of the Ladies European Tour and starts on Dec. 5. She captured the tournament last year with a four-stroke margin (translation: it was a nail biter). We spoke to Lexi, who’s sponsored by Cobra Puma Golf, about what she wears on the golf course and how she mentally prepares to compete.

When did you first start playing golf?

“I started when I was five years old. I have two older brothers that play, and I live on a golf course, too. I’ve always looked up to them, and having their support has made me into a much better player.”

What’s your training schedule like?

“Since I’ve been home-schooled since sixth grade, I’ve practiced six to seven hours a day. I wake up, practice for three hours in the morning, eat lunch, and then go out and play eighteen or more holes. I work out with Craig Slaunwhite, the Florida Panthers’ trainer, three to four days a week whenever we’re in season, and then I work out on my own the other days.”

How do you mentally prepare to compete?

“Before a round, I listen to my iPod as I warm up to get me into my zone and focused. I like upbeat songs, and I listen to a lot of Linkin Park and Green Day. I also like hip hop and R&B artists such as Drake and Rihanna.”

How do you cope when a game doesn’t live up to your expectations?

“You go through slumps in this game and you just have to work through them. You’re going to miss putts out on an LPGA tour and have bad rounds. You just have to think to yourself that you always have tomorrow, and you’re lucky enough to be out here just playing golf for a living.”

**What do you think about the rise in popularity of women’s golf? **

“Women’s golf is getting a lot bigger. A lot more people are watching it and it’s getting more well known. There are a lot of great American players out there, and both men’s and women’s tours are international. Women are traveling the world playing the best golf courses, so it’s pretty crazy how much it’s grown over the years. I just got to walk The Fairways course, and that surprised people. It’s definitely a big change for the public, but it’s a good one.”

What do you wear when you’re competing?

“I wear pink on Saturdays for breast cancer, and I wear blue on Sundays. I’m superstitious. At the Evian tournament in 2010, in which I came in second, I wore baby blue on a Sunday. And ever since then, I’ve worn it every Sunday. Puma sponsors me, so I wear all their outfits in bright colors. I wear matching hair ribbons, too.”

You’re a recent high school graduate. Any plans to attend college?

“Right now, I’m 100 percent focusing on golf. I always have the option to take classes on my own time.”


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