Despite Scottie Scheffler’s Breakthrough, Tiger Woods Makes Everyone Else Look Human in Staggering Stat

Scottie Scheffler is a name in golf that has gained immense popularity of late. The 26-year-old golfer has been on fire this year, finishing in the top 12 at every event he’s played in in 2023. Needless to say, he has some stellar stats. However, these stats still fall short compared to those of the legend himself, Tiger Woods!

Shceffler’s incredible consistency and current golf prowess may certainly be incomparable to the current set of players, yet Woods has put him to shame on the recent statistical chart.

Everyone in the golf world is aware of the OWGR rankings. But there is another ranking system, known as Data Golf Rankings, that ranks golfers throughout the globe according to their curated model for professional golfers. These standings are determined by averaging the field-strength-adjusted scores of each golfer across professional tournaments, with more recent rounds receiving more weight.

After the Memorial Tournament in Ohio, where Viktor Hovland emerged victorious and took home a whopping $3.6 million, the data golf rankings were updated. Kyle Porter, one of the golf writers at CBS Sports, pointed out the breakthrough the 26-year-old golfer has had as per the recently updated stat. After he pointed out that the 2022 Masters winner has gained the most strokes from tee to green since January 1, 2023, he pointed out another milestone the golfer has achieved.

Posting a snippet from the Data Golf Rankings of all time ranking on his Twitter, the CBS writer made everyone aware that “Scottie also reached a new 50-round peak in strokes gained, which has been bettered by only five other players in the last 30 years.” He later called this milestone “historic stuff.”


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