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Andy Murray opens up about time spent away from wife ‘Things going on away from the court’

ANDY MURRAY has spoken out on spending time away from his wife of six years, Kim Sears, when he has to travel for training, as he admits it “makes a big difference” to his performance.

Andy Murray, 34, has revealed his wife Kim Murray, 33, plays a central role in ensuring he performs his best during tournaments, particularly after suffering a hip injury back in July 2019. The tennis pro admits there has been a number of times in the past where he felt like he “did not want” to carry on playing, but his dutiful spouse ensures he is able to stay motivated and gladly gives him space to focus on his training.

Speaking back in October 2019, Andy shared: “There’s been a number of times in the last two years that I had stopped.

“I was like, ‘I don’t want to do this anymore’. But Kim, she was always trying to keep me going, and trying to help get me back on the court, stay motivated, and always happy for me to go and train and go away and stuff,” he added to Daily Mail.

The former Wimbledon champion divulged Kim is “very understanding” that he sometimes needs to solely focus on getting ready for tournaments and can’t let family drama get in the way.

He continued: “Through most of my career it’s been like that, just very understanding of everything that I’ve done, like going away for training blocks in Miami after a really long year and things like that.

“It might not seem like much but we don’t get to see each other all of the time and it does make a big difference when you don’t have that, like, drama in your personal life and lots of things going on away from the court.

“She has been brilliant like that, allowed me to pursue my career and been unbelievably supportive of me doing that, so I’ve been very lucky.

“I think my family are just happy seeing me back on the court pain-free again. It’s been an amazing few months, really.”

Andy and Kim met as teenagers through tennis circles, reportedly at a party for the US Open.

The 33-year-old’s father Nigel Sears is a coach and former head of women’s tennis at the Lawn Tennis Association.

In July 2013, Kim supported Andy when he triumphantly won Wimbledon and the couple married two years later in Dunblane.

They are proud parents to two daughters and a son – Sophia, five, Edie, three, and son Teddy, who turned one last October.

In March this year, they secretly welcomed their fourth child and as a result, Andy did not compete in Dubai’s ATP tour event.


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