Weeks After a Major Bump in $30,000,000 Saga, Tiger Woods’ Ex- Erica Herman Replies Back With a Stern Step

Despite being one of the most celebrated golfers in the world, Tiger Woods’ personal life has not been easy. The saga of Tiger Woods and Erica Herman is a well-known one in the whole world, even outside the golf world. The two broke up in October 2022 and have been in and out of court ever since. Woods’ ex-girlfriend filed a lawsuit claiming damages worth $30 million against the fund that the golfer had established for his home, and then slapped him with another lawsuit for breaching an oral agreement by not letting her reside in his Florida mansion. Now, there is a new turn in the case, just days after the court upheld Woods.

Erica Herman has decided to take a stern step against the ruling that Judge Elizabeth Metzger passed last month in May.

Tiger Woods’ ex-girlfriend makes a stern request in court

On May 17th, 2023, the court ruled in favor of Tiger Woods to resolve the dispute via private arbitration proceedings instead of public court. This ruling came because it was revealed in court that in 2017, the duo signed an NDA wherein it was mentioned that Herman would keep their private life details private and the former couple would resolve their disputes via private arbitration and not the public court.

Keeping in mind the NDA, the judge ruled in Woods’ favor. According to USA Today, Herman and her attorney, Benjamin Hodas, have now filed a strong request in court to revive the suit in front of a state court. Hodas mentioned that his client did not get a fair shot in the ruling. In the request that has been recently made, it is mentioned that “The U.S. Supreme Court has consistently held that a party cannot be forced to arbitrate without a finding that she agreed to do so, which means that in this case, with no evidence in the record, arbitration should not be compelled, or, at a minimum, an evidentiary hearing should be held.”


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