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Like His 33rd Birthday, Brooks Koepka’s Wife Jena Sims Stole His $3.15M Glory as Fans Hails the Model for Her ‘Queen Behavior’

Everyone in the golf world is currently celebrating Brooks Koepka’s stunning victory at Oak Hill. Good wishes have been pouring in for him from all around. It was indeed a historic win for Koepka. One person that Koepka and fans missed was Jena Sims. When Koepka hit that winning stroke, he hugged his caddie as his beloved wife, Jena Sims, was not there with him in New York.



Jena Sims is always seen alongside her husband in his games. The actress has always been right by his side, supporting him in his victories and failures. Brooks Koepka’s wife was there with him at Augusta, where she also caddied for him. She was present in Singapore as well! Her not being there at Oak Hill was kind of a shock to the fans.

A fan asked Sims, “Why weren’t you there?” Instead of giving a straight answer, she saw this as an opportunity to entertain the fans and show her hysterical and savage side. She posted the comment on her TikTok video and this is what she portrayed!



She got up on a ladder and started dusting a hollow display on the wall. Many of the 5-time major winner’s trophies were displayed there on the wall. It looked absolutely astonishing. In her video, she replied, “I was busy making a room for the new hardware.”

Isn’t that absolutely hilarious and savage? Well, you know this is not the first time she has stolen the limelight from her husband. On Koepka’s 33rd birthday, she announced to the world that the two were expecting their first child together.




Her video received garnered a lot of attention from the fans, and rightfully so! The golfer’s wife is absolutely a queen!

Fans react to Jena Sims’ savage video
Sims’ video was showered with lots of love and comments from the fans. Let us take a look at some of the comments that fans left on the video!

A fan took a dig at the person who asked Jena that question. She wrote, “The horror of you having your own life. ????” To which Sims replied, “Right ????????.”

Another fan accused Jena in a fun banter that she does not clean the house, “As if you clean your own house haha congrats though!”

A fan said that people should really mind their own business, and commented, “People really need to mind their business. We’re so excited for you three.”

A fan commented, “Savage! I love it! Brooks played amazing!” and another fan said, “Slayyyyy ????????????????????”


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