‘Very Bad for Golf’: Things Take a Turn For the Worse as Horrible Injury Leaves Fans Demanding Answers

Garrett Clark first created Good Good when he was a college student. Clark started this channel in 2018, and has since posted a lot of stuff that is exclusively about golf. Clark began by uploading bizarre trick shots and stingers to the channel.

However, the brand expanded quickly, and a lot more people joined the channel as well. Due to their devoted fan base, Good Good elevated their golf game. The brand has grown to the point that it is now running its own events. The most recent was the Good Good Championship, which was slated to run from May 8 to 11 at The Westin Kierland Golf Club in Scottsdale, Arizona. The channel’s creator, though, makes a critical misstep on the pitch, and thus the competition has not gone as everyone had hoped.

The golf prowess of YouTuber and Good Good member Clark, is undeniable. He is still a novice, though, and that much is rather obvious. Given Clark’s inexperience, he is expected to make blunders throughout the play. Meanwhile, recent events at the Good Good Championship have developed in this manner.

Recently, Tour Golf posted a video from The Westin Kierland Golf Club on their Twitter account. The focus of the video was Clark’s blunder at the event. In the video, the YouTuber is standing over his tee shot in front of a huge crowd of fans. But it’s obvious that the onlookers are a little bit too close. In the video, Clark hits his tee shot and swiftly finds one of the surrounding fans. The shot clearly seems to have hit the fan hard enough as the fan falls on the ground.


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